Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Ki O Rahi

My class and I participated in a game called ki O Rahi ,we played 5 vs 5. The teams are taniwha and kioma. The equipment is nga pou,the tupu, ID to tell what term your on,cones and tags.for the taniwha team you can through to the tupu and get a point and the kioma team have to touch the nga pou and the more nga pou they touch the more points they get.
Here a link to display and explain more about the game

I think I achievement because I was actively involved in the activity and i was attempting to improve my level of performance.

The three factors on my participation is ...
Previous Experiences-

Environment negatively affected me to play because it was cold and the sky was dark not blue also it looked like it was going to rain.While weather was poor the grass wasn't in the best condition then is could of been.So this made me not want to play.

Equipment negatively affected me to play because took forever to get sit up and get ready to actually play. So this made my participation lacking.

Previous Experiences negatively affected me to play because I have never played this game in my life. So this made me participated less because i didn't know what I was doing.

I think maybe if it was sunny and I was more willing to play and do good in this activity I would have played better.

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  1. Enjoyment of the games and sport you play is important. I am glad you are enjoying your sport so much. Please don't forget to put in the link to explain more about the game.