Tuesday, 13 May 2014

About Me

Kia ora my name is Latisha and I go to Ruapotaka School.I am 
a year 8 student.I am 12 years old.My favourite hobbies is netball,
touch,soccer,volley ball,cooking and sometimes basketball.I have 
two sisters,one brother and three step brothers.I live in Auckland 
central and I am not so good at typing because
I usually use tablets. My first pet was a dog his name was Bruce. 
Bruce is a male dog and he died from old age.

My favourite subject is maths and writing because maths is exciting when
you find out you got the answer before most of your class,writing is
the only thing you can say or write anything and make up anything
you want that is mainly based on the topic you are talking about.
My goals for the  future is to have a good education and a great
job.I am a girl .I think girls rule.